Beauty, Love and Justice

Is love divine?
I couldn’t say.
From time to time
Our seismic sway
Can feel that way.
Is love divine?
We clutch and pray,
And homage pay,
From time to time;
Hold wolves at bay
To end the day.
Is love divine
On earth? Or play
From time to time,
That can defy
Death and decay?
Is love divine
From time to time?

“Clutch and Pray”
Martin Nelson, Paris, May 2004

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Tiago’s ruthless and rich. But he’s tired of the greed of corporate life.

The thrusting Adonis of the trading floor, he has ambitious plans that just might secure a halo to complement his angelic looks.

But poor Tiago is in love, and can’t start his quest for sainthood until he’s convinced urbane art dealer Raphael Davide they’d make the perfect power couple.

Raphael’s a slave to beauty with his own designs on the undeserving rich, and a suave exterior that belies a gentle – and recently broken – heart. But though Raphael’s in safe hands – his sister Clara and her husband Rob would lay down their lives to protect him – Tiago’s not so lucky. He’s a boy with a hidden past. And by unhappy coincidence, Raphael’s obsessive ex, cracked rocket scientist Tomas Paul Gosele, may know enough about that past to destroy everything.

Tiago clearly needs friends he can trust. His new neighbour Amelia Postthridge seems a nice enough girl, as eccentric scientists go. But Amelia is mad, bad and dangerous to know, and pursuing her own ambitious agenda. She’s going to win the Nobel Prize with the world’s ultimate apple, and she’ll happily chew Tiago up and spit out the pips to achieve her aim.

Beauty, Love and Justice may be in short supply for our hero in this climate of ambition and deceit – but when the heart speaks what’s a boy to do?

“Beauty, Love and Justice” is Alcina Faraday’s compelling and powerful debut tale of love, ambition, honesty and deceit.
It will be published by Urbane Publications on 18th May 2015

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