The Commodity Fetish

pentangleRadix malorum est Cupiditas.


“My wit is greet, though that I bourde and pleye.
This tresor hath Fortune unto us yiven,
In mirthe and jolitee oure lyf to liven,
And lightly as it comth, so wol we spende.
Ey! Goddes precious dignitee! Who wende
Today, that we sholde han so fair a grace?”

Speech by the worste ryotour
in “The Pardoner’s Tale”
from “The Canterbury Tales”
Geoffrey Chaucer, ca. 1400


Lux Aeterna is playing out across the Atlantic, and Tiago’s visions are becoming reality. But are his powerful friends still around to help him?


If you like “Beauty, Love and Justice” you may like “The Commodity Fetish,” the third novel in the Spiral Wound series.

“The Commodity Fetish” will come out in 2017