These Modern Girls

Sophia’s a Tesla Girl, a strong-minded and determined empiricist, the scourge of any man or woman foolish enough to disappoint her with shoddy workmanship or a feckless attitude at the Setubal car plant where she rules supreme and potty-mouthed as engineering manager. She’s happy with her ex-pat life in Lisbon until she meets Ines, a young doctor at the hospital, who opens her eyes to a life of the senses and the sensual.

With the help of a strange cadre of archaic craftsmen, the two girls fall in love in Lisbon during winter and spring; but when Ines’ cousin Tiago and his lover join them for a summer holiday at the family estate in the Alentejo, Sophia starts to realise that truth is more than fact.


If you like “Beauty, Love and Justice” you may like “These Modern Girls,” the second novel in the Spiral Wound series.

“These Modern Girls” will come out in 2016